Finding a dream photographer for your wedding day is about more than just a gorgeous gallery delivered on time.

It’s about the fact that your journey, your love story, it all lead you here.

At some point, the Friday night hangs and the texts back and forth turned into calls, then turned into being inseparable, then turned into imagining a future that no longer makes sense without your love by your side.

Your wedding day is a celebration of that journey—your journey.

Hey Babe

Now, there’s no such thing as perfect, but my little family is pretty up there in my eyes.

I’m obsessed with both my babies and the love of my life (Shammer), but this sweet life all began with that meaningful, you-get-me connection I once thought was only a dream.

My own love story makes my heart skip a beat, and that’s my inspiration for capturing yours.

For me, photography started as a fun, creative outlet—but it quickly became a way to bottle up the most meaningful moments in life.

I love freezing those moments in time that make us want to hit “rewind” or at least “pause” for a little while.

The moments that make my heart skip a beat.

I believe in love that only gets better from here.

I believe in it, because I’m living it. Not perfectly, or anything crazy like that, but I’m pursuing a marriage that pushes me to grow and loves me as I am, all the same. And I’m in a constant pursuit of encouraging you to do the same.

If that sounds like how you want to document the start to your marriage journey, then I’m your girl.