Casey and Gretchen Vow Renewal | Anderson Japanese Gardens Rockford, IL

April 4, 2023
Casey and Gretchen Vow Renewal | Anderson Japanese Gardens Rockford, IL

I am forever in awe that I am continually invited into such intimate and meaningful moments in my couples lives. Vow renewals are always such a special occasion no matter what capacity they're celebrated in, they are a beautiful reminder of your promises to your person and how you want to step forward together into the future. They establish respect, trust a deepening of love and are a way to connect as you walk hand in hand into the future together.

Vow renewals are also an opportunity to integrate your own aesthetic as a couple and a time to be unconventional if that's your cup of tea to celebrate your love together! I always adore when a couple has a strong aesthetic and they want to incorporate what is special to them into their session.

When Gretchen reached out to me, about her and Casey's five year anniversary and how they wanted to take the opportunity to renew their vows to each other. We talked about her and Casey's shared deep love and how it is based on trust, commitment and romance. During their wedding vows, they promised to always keep pursuing each other's hearts and relationship. They always wanted to keep the new love feeling at the forefront of their marriage while building a foundation of respect while their love continues to grow and blossom.

Their vow renewal took place at one of the most magical places; Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, IL. I was able to witness unforgettable moments between just the two of them beautifully dressed, hand in hand sharing the most sentimental vows. Every word was full of deep meaning and fueled with emotion. Casey and Gretchen so beautifully pursued each other during this special time and created a new set of memories together.

Nothing will ever compare to the moments my couples share together. Those quiet moments between two people, madly in love and cherishing their person so much that they want to continue to create new commitments while honoring the ones that helped establish their relationship, carried them into their marriage and helps them grow together beyond the wedding day.

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