David and Emma | Connection Session

March 29, 2023
Connection Session
David and Emma | Connection Session

Once you get engaged, things are typically lightning speed to get a wedding planned and all focus goes towards making sure all the details are perfect. There's cake tastings, booking all of your vendors, finding the perfect venue and if you're planning a wedding out of state that adds a whole new layer of planning. It's so easy to get lost in the process of planning and not have intentional time to spend with your partner during the planning season.

David and Emma are vibrant, fun and a deeply emotionally connected couple. They love to dance, laugh and have the best time whenever they are together. It has been such an honor to be part of the process with them and witness their special relationship.

One thing that was of deep importance to David and Emma was carving out time together for this Connection Session during their wedding week. We were lucky enough to be able to do their session at their wedding venue which just added even more meaning to it. They were able to sit together and connect, laugh, dance and share joy together knowing they were soon going to commit themselves to one another just a few days later.

It was such a special experience that I couldn't recommend more for any couple needing time to dial in and connect with one another. When you create that space and time you are able to be one with your person and create such beautiful, long lasting memories together.

David and Emma were so real and full of joy during their session. It allowed them space for just the two of them during a week that can typically be hectic.

Venue- Aldo Leopold Nature Center

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